Code of conduct

It is requested that all members and their families be familiar with the Code of Conduct and pool rules for the MCA Swim Club. 

Pool rules

Be a good sport and team player.  Swim for enjoyment;

Work equally as hard for your team as you would for yourself – your team’s performance will benefit as will your own;

Encourage and support your team members;

Show respect and recognition for your opponents, their skills and achievements.  Be friendly to all participants;

Display good manners all times;

Take responsibility for your actions – follow the directions of coaches and managers at all times;

No running, bomb diving or pushing is permitted in the pool;

Parents are welcome to watch training, but are requested to refrain from speaking to children or coaches while training is in progress; and

Children are not permitted in the pool unless they are in a supervised class.

Medical concerns

If a swimmer suffers from a medical condition which might put them at risk, written parental consent, supported by a medical certificate, must be provided to the Club in order for the swimmer to participate.  Swimmers suffering from weeping sores, infections, or suspected contagion will be excluded from any swimming activity.


The health of all swimmers is extremely important.   Parents/carers are requested to act in the interests of their children’s health, as well as in the interest of other swimmers using the pool, by keeping their children away from training if they are feeling unwell.  Swimmers should definitely not enter the pool if they have experienced diarrhoea, vomiting or an upset stomach in the past 48 hours.  If the diarrhoea is from the parasite Cryptosporidium, swimmers should not enter the pool for at least 14 days.

Supervision – Squad training / lessons

During lessons, children are under the supervision of the coach unless they choose to leave the class.  Parents/carers are responsible for children before and after lessons, and during lessons if a child chooses to leave, even if the parent/carer cannot attend.  Lessons take place outside school hours, and the school provides no supervision of the pool area before or after school.  The club does not accept responsibility for any child travelling to and from the pool.

Supervision - Club Nights and Carnivals

Children are supervised by Club officials and volunteers only while in the pool or being marshalled.  Children must be in the company of an adult, and parents/carers are advised to keep children within the pool complex at all times.  If a child is swimming but a parent/carer is unable to attend, they should arrange for another adult, who knows the child, to be responsible for the child.  The Club does not accept responsibility for any child, either in the pool complex or travelling to and from the pool.

Removing jewellery and ornaments before entering the water

To prevent damage to pool equipment, swimmers must not enter the pool wearing hair pins, bandages or dressings.  Participants must also remove jewellery and ornaments before entering the water.

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