AIC & Club Swimming

What is the difference between the AIC Swimming Season and MCA Swim Club Swimming Season?

The swimming season at Marist College Ashgrove can be broken up into 2 seasons: the AIC season and the MCA Swim Club season.

AIC swimming season – 1st week of October to the 2nd week in March – covers the pre=season training period and the AIC lead-up meets culminating in the AIC Swimming competition in early March.

MCA Swim Club swimming season – early May to the mid-April each year – covers those swimmers who join the MCA Swim Club to represent the club at local, regional, state and national meets.

How is the AIC swimming team selected?

Selection in the Marist swimming team for the AIC Swimming Championships is decided by a panel of swimming coaches based on a number of factors.

  • Times recorded at Friday night lead-up meets and QSA/ BSA carnival results
  • Attendance at training, Swim Camp and lead-up meets
  • Attitude at training and lead-up meets.

Students who meet these requirements will be selected as a member of the AIC swimming team, either as an Individual swimmer, relay swimmer or reserve. We encourage a sense of team spirit within the swimming program and encourage boys to strive for personal improvement throughout the season.

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