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Why you should become a member of the MCA Swim Club?

MCA Swim Club prides itself on delivering technically correct swimming for all participants. We believe that swimming is a skill based activity therefore we teach current techniques across all levels in our program.  At MCA Swim Club we pride ourselves on establishing good strong foundations.  We believe it is only once good technique and strong foundations have been established that a swimmers true potential may be realised.

Our skilled and experienced coaches are continually seek to learn, grow and ensure they are teaching the latest swimming techniques by regularly attending State and National run development clinics, programs and camps.

Lastly, we understand that not everyone wants to be an elite athlete. We believe we can support all swimmers to achieve their personal best whether it be for fun and fitness or striving to swim at an elite level. As a result, we also run a Fitness Squad aimed at providing swimmers of all abilities and fitness levels, who may not necessarily wish to join in Squad, with an opportunity to be physically active in a fun and social environment.

Swimmers who only wish to train at MCA pool are not required to join the club. 

Swimmers who decide to swim Competitively (compete at external meets) or wish to compete at Club Night (compete at club night’s only) need to become members as per below.

Competitive Member

In accordance with Swimming Queensland (SQ) regulations, swimmers must be officially registered annually with SQ as an MCA swimmer to be able to compete at external carnivals. Being enrolled in swimming classes or squad training does not automatically make you a member of the club.

Full Club Competitive Membership is open to all, with no age limit or physical requirements, upon registration and payment of a prescribed membership fee.

To be a Competitive Member you must complete the form:

  1. Member Registration Form 

For the Swimming Queensland registration, on the Swimming Queensland website select “Join  Now”. This allows you into the site to select “Brisbane Swimming Association” as your region and “MCA Swim Club” as your club.  You are then able to enter your personal details.

Existing Swimming QLD Member

If you are already a Swimming Queensland member and need to transfer your registration to MCA Swim Club, please email the club at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide the swimmer’s full name, date of birth and previous swim club.

Club Member

A Club Member is able to swim at the pool and compete in all Club nights.  To be a Club Member you need to complete the MCA Registration and pay the Club fee:

  1. MCA Member Registration Form 
  2. Club Fee Payment


Membership Type

Competition 1st swimmer in family

$110  ($77 SQ & BSA membership & social)

BSA Membership/ SQ Membership/ Club Cap/ Club Night Participation

2nd swimmer in family

$90 ($77 SQ & BSA membership & social)

BSA Membership/ SQ Membership/ Club Cap/ Club Night Participation

3 or more Swimmers in family

$70 ($77 SQ & BSA membership & social)

BSA Membership/ SQ Membership/ Club Cap/ Club Night Participation

Club only


Club Night Participation/ Club Cap



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